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Space Weather & Energy Driven Evolutionary Change

The Celestial Deluge &
Arrival of Cosmic Fire

Tuning the Diamonds
Electromagnetism and Spiritual Evolution

Dr. Richard Lee, Director of CHI Institute in San Clemente, CA

I loved your book all the way through...

I loved your book all the way through. It definitely includes everything but the kitchen sink, and because of that, can bring out the skeptic in most anyone. I'm a sponge for this sort of thing, and a lot of it was new, or presented in a new way. I was going to write comments to you, but finished reading it while traveling in Oregon, and gave it to the people I was staying with, so that opportunity is gone. I will buy your newest edition when it comes out, both because I wanted to read everything again (my comprehension is enhanced with repetition) and because I want to see the latest updates.

Keep up the great work!

Richard H. Lee is a professional engineer who has been researching the field of subtle energies for 18 years.
United States
May 11th 2010

Dr. Roger Taylor, The Scientific and Medical Network

“As a guide to the ongoing re-union of science with the sacred, this book deserves to make its mark.”

We are living in extraordinary times! This can hardly be doubted even by those exploring no further than the mainstream media. But delving deeper into almost any branch of science will reveal a turmoil of conflicting views, with many of the most 'sacred cows' coming into question. This book takes a very broad survey of the borderland between science as accepted by the mainstream, and the many exciting new ideas which are now clamouring for consideration, and perceives a link between extraordinary events on the cosmic scale and a spurt in human spiritual evolution. To read the full here .

Dr Roger Taylor, is a former research immunologist with an interest in scalar fields and new technologies,
United Kingdom
1st August 2008
The Scientific and Medical Network is an international group of scientists, medics, philosophers, healers, therapists and other professionals, who are interested in progressive ideas in science, medicine and spirituality.

Julie Umpleby, Founder of The Diamond Light Grid Activation

“Every once in a while we come across brave, big picture thinkers who are able to change and enhance our perspective of what is happening in our world. It takes dedication and a deep sense of purpose to uncover hidden truths, ask uncomfortable questions and do much of the researching to put the puzzle pieces together so that we all may benefit.“

Susan Joy Rennison is an author who, driven by the need to find the truth behind some of the startling earth changes we are experiencing, has written a remarkable book which blends the metaphysical and esoteric concepts with sound science and discoveries that we are not made aware of in the mainstream media. Did you know for instance, that the Russians have identified the new energy grids we read about in so many of the channelled messages coming through? Did you know that other planets in our solar system are also warming up, and their atmosphere's are changing — not just our earth? That the octahedron or Diamond is a fundamental geometry in the structure of galaxies, and this shape resonates right down to the level of our physical body? What does it all mean and what can we do about it?

Susan's well-researched book, “Tuning the Diamonds: Electromagnetism and Spiritual Evolution” provides clear links between the major weather and other energy anomalies on our planet and the energy coming from our sun, and beyond. Many of us 'know' that we are progressing towards a new, higher frequency state or way of being, however trying to explain that to mainstream individuals without solid supporting information often opens us up to ridicule or simple dismissal. If you want a solid foundation to facilitate or enable you to get your message out into the world and to support others through the coming changes, then this book is an absolute must.

The book provides a synthesis of well documented and valuable scientific information, along with validation of channelled and ancient messages about the future of our planet. We are indeed evolving, along with our planet.

The Diamond or Octahedral geometry will also be a valuable tool to enable us to deal with the changes and maintain balance, for ourselves and others.

Julie Umpleby , Founder of 'The Diamond Light Grid Activation',
Thirsk, UK,
9th October 2007

Melissa Ellen Penn, MA, SD, Theologian & Metaphysician

“Tuning the Diamonds - Electromagnetism & Spiritual Evolution unites two vastly different areas of human endeavor [science & metaphysics] with a brilliance that will illuminate and most importantly satisfy both sides.”

Every once in a blue moon (or perhaps an equinox procession cycle) one is absolutely blown away by a book and its contents. Tuning the Diamonds - Electromagnetism & Spiritual Evolution is such a book. As someone who has studied religion and metaphysics for over 30 years I have been stumbling through the esoteric and often indecipherable jargon of metaphysics with some success. My background also includes professional positions with such scientific and research institutions as Bayer Pharmaceutical and The Center for Particle Astrophysics, so reading scientific jargon is a skill I've perfected through the years. Yet, I remained frustrated at the arcane (and often silly)gobbledygook that passes for spiritual enlightenment pandered at local bookstores. Exactly how is one is supposed to discern the wheat from the chaff? Finally there is an answer: Tuning the Diamonds.

I first heard Susan Joy Rennison in an interview conducted by Mitch Barrios on his Earth Changes TV and was immediately captivated by her clarity, expertise, and USEFUL information. I was intrigued to hear a woman's voice discussing diverse and complicated postulates of science, and stunned to hear her risk her reputation by joining her understanding of science with her equally brilliant understanding of spiritual principles. This was a high risk, indeed!

I obtained a copy of Tuning the Diamonds immediately.

This book does not disappoint. I cannot say that it's a 'quick' read, for its pages are dense with scientific fact, information, and critique. The same can be stated for her metaphysical exploration. Tuning the Diamonds challenges the status quo of both fields and may require one to unlearn what one has previously learned, but the effort is worth it. Ms. Rennison explains her postulates one by one, using language all readers will understand. She had the brilliant insight to separate her general explanations from her scientific ones, and sets them out in separate sections to allow for easy reading. Building her arguments one by one, the reader is opened to the world of electromagnetism and to the workings of the universe itself in ways that will delight and intrigue both the layperson and the professional. As I read the book I would come back to its pages again and again with a fierce curiosity after a brief hiatus as I absorbed the book's previous idea. Soon my mind was exploding with joyful “AH HA's!!!” as years of separate studies merged into one seamless union of knowledge. I now understand what is happening, why it is, and what I can do about it. Now that's book fulfillment!

I can only say emphatically, “READ AND USE THIS BOOK.” If you have been seeking to understand your place in the universe, the role of our consciousness, and what the heck 2012 is all about, Tuning the Diamonds will provide the answers you seek. It delivers on its promise to change your view of reality, forever.

Melissa Penn MA, SD,
Berkeley, California, USA,
23rd May 2007

Dr. Valerie Olmsted, The Enlightened Medicine Show

“Awesome! You can certainly count ME as one of your fans!”

I have been enjoying your book so much, I am so glad you have bought all these things together... it's so interesting because it triggers so many things in your mind. I started real fast and then I slowed down and said, 'Holy Cow!' I definitely recommend getting a copy of the book, it is fascinating and fabulous. It's easy to understand for both scientific & non-scientifically minded people and will give you a lot of a-ha moments, as it will start to make sense of what's happening, not only the geophysical changes that we are going through, but changes in our own bodies.
Enlightened Medicine, BBS Radio interview, 3rd April 2007

Dr. Valerie Olmsted,
Sedona, USA,
April 2007

Regina Meredith, Conscious Media Network

“One of the most important messages out there. This is huge.”

“I hardly know where to begin, this book takes you through the cosmos, it takes you inside the soul, we have Natha, the readings of Seth, electro-magnetism, 2012, space weather and it all is built in a really beautifully progressive manner. And the message I believe, is one of the most important messages out there. This is huge. I think your book is one of the most important works in print today. It is an absolute manual for how we guide ourselves into the future.” Radio interview, March 2007

Regina Meredith,
Sacramento, USA,
25th February 2007
Conscious Media Network


"TUNING THE DIAMONDS ...It is wonderful to have the pieces of the metaphysical and scientific 'jigsaw' put together"

I would like to applaud you on the contents of the book and for all your great work in culminating the information and presenting it in such a readable and understandable way. No doubt I will be referring to it again and again for both my teaching work and personal use. It is wonderful to have the pieces of the metaphysical and scientific 'jigsaw' put together to form the whole puzzle and to assist in deepening our understanding of these unprecedented times.

Thank you again for your contribution to All That Is.

Love and blessings
Debbie Morris
Sydney, Australia
4th February 2007

Tom Kenyon, internationally respected metaphysician

“TUNING THE DIAMONDS ...I find your inclusiveness and connecting of diverse fields of knowledge in regards to these platonic solids a most wonderful aspect of your work.”

I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for sending me a copy of your new book. I am reading it in detail, which will, as you know, take some time.
I have already let a few of my associates know about your manuscript, and will continue to do so.
As an interesting synchronicity, we received an email from a woman who had channeled drawings and paintings of octahedrons several years ago. She felt that the shapes had great significance but didn't know what exactly. I find your inclusiveness and connecting of diverse fields of knowledge in regards to these platonic solids a most wonderful aspect of your work.

Best wishes,
Tom Kenyon
USA, 26th January 2007

A Master of Technology

“TUNING THE DIAMONDS ...People deserve to know the truth.”

I've read your book and it has made a very strong impression on me. I also like the way you've managed to integrate everything, and back it up with strong scientific evidence. I hope your book will get more publicity in the near future. People deserve to know the truth.

Best Regards

T. Rognan, Oslo
23rd January 2007

Gaston Saint-Pierre founder of The Metamorphic Technique

"TUNING THE DIAMONDS ...I am enthralled by your book"

Dear Susan Joy,

I started some time ago to write you an email (see below) but pressure of
work and being away a lot prevented me from finishing it. I am enthralled by
your book (please quote me) and will give it greater attention over the
Christmas period when I'll have more time.
I do hope we meet one day as I find many parallels with my work.
With my warmest greetings


I was very happy indeed to receive your book Tuning the Diamonds (what a great title and how appropriate). I am utterly fascinated by its content. Though the scientific content is beyond me, I am finding in the book a great many correlations to what I have been able to apprehend and fathom intuitively over the last years, which form part of the teaching and the principles at work with M.T [Metamophic Technique].

It is indeed wonderful to receive confirmation of various insights that have come to form the core of the M.T. practitioners' approach to clients, especially in the importance of detachment, defined as noticing the facts, acknowledging their presence and letting them be.

By a happy coincidence, the people responsible for the Metamorphic Technique stand at Solothurn, where you received a session, invited me to give a lecture in Zurich last Thursday, prior to my giving a seminar in the Swiss Jura at the weekend. They are called Paul and Marianne Tuor and they organise my workshops in the Zurich area. It is through them that I came to know a most amazing body of work done by an artist/healer called Emma Kunz who used to say that the healing of the 21st Century will be done through geometry. This resonated deeply with me and for the last 9-10 years, my friends took me on a pilgrimage so to speak to Wurenlos to visit the cave and the adjacent museum which contains most of her paintings, all depicting geometric forms. While visiting the cave or the exhibits, the heart is very strongly affected by the power emanating from them.

Finally your explanation of how the universe was formed meets much more strongly the intuitive insights than being formed through different aggregates coming together. I'm half-way through your book and what you present becomes more interesting by the page.

If ever you are in London I'd be very happy indeed to meet you. Please find my details below.

Gaston Saint-Pierre

27th November 2006, London,

Dr MARK BALFOUR (D.Lit) author of The Sign of the Serpent - Key to Life Energy.


The life sciences today are facing a crossroads - a paradigm shift, impelled by a long overdue realization that subtle, environmental electro-magnetic fields and not chemically based molecular interactions engender and control the evolutionary processes of life including feelings, emotions, mind and ultimately consciousness itself.

Tuning the Diamonds provides a concise, readily understandable yet challenging compendium of the new revelations shaping our world view - a 'big picture' of the underlying principles relating to the creative scenario.

Assisted by illustrations this elegant work is clearly a result of vast research and meaningful dialogue with those at the helm of the new science, tempered with deep personal intuitive insights. It precludes an imminent narrowing of the gap between the arcane, perennial wisdom of the ages and twenty-first century awareness.

An increasing acceptance of such information among the academic community becomes an important step towards further enlightenment with broad and far reaching implications, particularly in the area of now swiftly emerging, energy based healing.

For those lay-persons who thirst for a more meaningful view of the invaluable source of knowledge.

Dr MARK BALFOUR (D.Lit) deceased author of The Sign of the Serpent - Key to Life Energy.
26th November 2006

The opinion of an Energy Practitioner

TUNING THE DIAMONDS ...I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT !!!- Fabulous, wonderful

I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT !!!- Fabulous, wonderful, I'm quoting you left, right and centre. It should be turned into a doco/movie -like What the Bleep and The Secret. You have written it in a very understandable way. What's more you can pick it up and read more or less from anywhere and it is fascinating reading. It is all the stuff I absolutely love.

Cally Stockdale, 31st October 2006,
New Zealand

Heather Garrett, the illustrator who produced the book
cover design, on seeing the book for the first time.
26th September, 2006. Switzerland.

An electrical engineer discovers the Electromagnetic Universe!

TUNING THE DIAMONDS ...I may be one step closer to understanding the world/universe

Friday afternoon, at the “alternativmessen”, by accident I stumbled into a room and ended up listening to something I have never heard before. That was you talking about space weather, electromagnetism and earthly [magnetic] polar shifts. This is something I'm interested in, I was thinking, and there I was, listening to the most exciting things I have heard in a very long time.

I have always been very interested in astronomy and I am educated as an electrical engineer, so this is really something for me. Now I may be one step closer to understanding the world/universe. I bought your book on friday and has already started reading many chapters at the same time. The problem is that I read too slowly - I want to learn/know it all at the same time!

Thank you very much!
med vennlig hilsen

L. Sørensen,
25th September 2006, Norway

Cygnus Book Review, Summer 2008

Geoff Stray and his reviews

I recently came across Geoff Stray's comments on and after his earlier review placed on his website, my only conclusion that I can come to is that he has desperately tried to put people off reading my book. I ignored the first review as I thought it was just a case of sour grapes as his book 'Beyond 2012', which is described as the "ultimate guide to the 2012 prophecies" did not even mention the well known Mayan prophecy of a 'New Age dominated by space or the aether' and the predicted arrival of a 'Serpent Rope'. Hence, his book published in 2005, failed to make the link with the current phenomena of Space Weather and the related space weather feature that I identified as the foretold "Serpent Rope". Still, his first review was galling and I was particularly cross that he stated that I had not read any of John Major Jenkins books, but then failed to explain how I could have obtained the reference for an obscure quote mentioned in my book, if I had not taken it from the references provided by Jenkins in his book Galactic Alignement!

Anyway, here's the background. I first met Stray in Glastonbury in January 2008 where we exchanged books, but the alarm bells did ring when his only real question was, "how many books have you sold?"At the time, I got the impression that he was interested in picking up some of my ideas, but this became very unlikely when 'Tuning the Diamonds' was soon after picked by Cygnus Books in the UK who have a membership of 110,000+ members and then in August 2008, was named a UK Best Seller. Thankfully, Cygnus readers in the UK had an opportunity to read a synopsis of my ideas for free and after my earlier international radio interviews, there can be no doubt that my ideas are original.

The big question is: what is his problem? Stray considers himself to be a 2012 & Mayan calendar expert and his book on 2012 prophecies failed to pick up on what I thought were the 2 most important 2012 Mayan prophecies, 1) A NEW AGE DOMINATED BY SPACE OR THE AETHER and 2) THE ARRIVAL OF A SERPENT ROPE..... I identified that the Earth had seen the arrival of a serpent rope in 1989 with the Equatorial Electrojet and the only reason I decided this was "the rope" is because there is also advice by Mayan Elders encouraging people to "walk in balance". My book explains how the EEJ amplifies signals used by the brain and why people are now more susceptible to going into an unbalanced state. I also explain how this understanding has also been passed down in Egyptian mythology as dire warnings to those on the spiritual path. My inspiration was backed up with scientific research that I found which clearly justified the metaphysical belief that being in a constant of balance was now becoming very important....bravo!

Geoff Stray moans about my identification of the EEJ as the 'Serpent Rope' as the existence of the EEJ was first known in 1922 and was generally ignored, until scientists started to pay attention in 1989. My reasoning was that it's like a little stream turning into the Mississippi river overnight, but obviously Stray was too obtuse to understand why scientists would equate this to be a major NEW Earth electrical phenomena.

Stray has no scientific qualifications and so his assertion that my book is full of fringe science is just detestable especially when historically, many scientists risk their reputations to challenge the status quo to be proven right — eventually. Nevertheless, Stray identified many of the EXACT same solar system and sun-earth changes that I listed in my book, using the research findings of mainstream scientific establishments and his book boasts of some incredibly obscure research that he has a whole section in his book classified as “fringe”. What's more, it does seem strange to me that Stray does not like me quoting the most respected channelled sources on the planet, but it's OK for him to quote people influenced by their experiences acquired through the use of 'exotic' substances.


Yes, I acquired my honours degree in Physics & Geophysics in 1985 from Liverpool University and this is easily verified as I am one of a small number of graduates on a course that at the time was only offered by a hand full of universities in the UK. My qualifications may also explain why my book was acceptable to the academic world and could be placed in the UK National Archive, something I believe is the greatest academic achievement of my life.

Regardless of Geoff Stray's intentions, I am particularly grateful for people who have choosen to share their truth, which has helped me to cope with other more challenging issues and still integrate vast amounts of information to make sense of these rapidly changing times. The message of 'Tuning the Diamonds' is especially relevant to people who feel that they have chosen to be on this planet at a time when they can have a maximum impact on influencing the evolutionary destiny of mankind.

Susan Joy Rennison, B.Sc.Hons. (Physics with Geophysics)
24th November 2008, Switzerland

Follow-up: Truth, Lies, Fiction & Peer Review
4th March 2009

Susan Joy Rennison,
11th September 2011


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