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Space Weather & Energy Driven Evolutionary Change

The Celestial Deluge &
Arrival of Cosmic Fire

Tuning the Diamonds
Electromagnetism and Spiritual Evolution [2006, 2008, 2010]

Book Contents
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  3. Tuning the Diamonds, 24 sample pages Link

Front Cover

Backcover & Contents

The evolution of mankind is at hand and massive change is underway. Evolutionary change is energy driven and “New Energy” is coming from deep space. In turn, the Sun is going beserk and Earth is being bombarded with solar, cosmic and galactic electromagnetic energy. The Earth is experiencing “Space Weather” on an “unprecedented” scale, a fulfillment of Mayan prophecy.

We live in an “Electromagnetic Universe” and this book explains the connection with the recent upsurge of violent hurricanes and tornadoes and bizarre extremes of weather. Scientists have announced that the electromagnetic grid of the Earth has changed, which coincides with the reported change and development of the human electromagnetic field.

These events herald the next rung of the evolutionary ladder, requiring humans to live in balance and harmony with themselves, in their relationships and most importantly with the Earth. To achieve this we must use some of the “New Energy” coming to Earth and strengthen our energy fields. This will allow us to cope with the constantly changing electromagnetic environment on Earth and help us to evolve graciously.

This book explains why “New Energy” techniques empower humans, who choose to raise their level of consciousness and take more responsibility for what happens on Earth. “Knowledge is Power” and understanding Sacred Geometry and the role of Universal Consciousness explains why we need to start

“Tuning the Diamonds”

A study guide that merges science with metaphysics.
Once read and understood, it will change your view of reality forever.

Contents Page [2006, 2008, 2010]

Acknowledgements iv
Initiation viii

Chapter 1. The Electromagnetic Universe

  • Space Weather: The Arrival of Evolutionary New Energy
  • 1
  • Electrical Engineers Love Astronomy!
  • 6
  • The Electric Power Lines in Space
  • 13
  • The Most Powerful Force in the Universe is Electromagnetic!
  • 15
  • The Inside Info on Cosmic Power
  • 23
  • Diamonds in the Heavens: As Above, So Below
  • 26

    Chapter 2. The Sun-Earth-Core Connection

  • The Sun is Playing Havoc with our Satellites
  • 31
  • How Does the Sun Work? There's some con-FUSION!
  • 36
  • Earth is Alive with Electrical Activity
  • 43
  • The Earth's True Frequency
  • 48
  • Earth's Diamond Core
  • 51
  • The Earth Management Team
  • 53

    Chapter 3. Our Changing Electromagnetic Environment

  • Earth's Alignment with the Heart of our Galaxy
  • 58
  • Cosmic Ray Homeopathy: Preventive Medicine for Earth
  • 65
  • Space Weather: Mayan Prophecy Fulfilled
  • 68
  • Extreme Physics Right Here on Earth
  • 75
  • The Magnetic Poles are Reversing Fast
  • 81

    Chapter 4. Getting the Facts Straight: Electromagnetic Energy

  • Don't be Shocked: It's Electric
  • 90
  • Strange Magnetism
  • 94
  • High Tech. Validation, of Ancient "Know-How"
  • 100
  • Lock-and-Key Electromagnetic Balance
  • 111
  • Playing Dice with Frequency
  • 117

    Chapter 5. Mind & Body Electromagnetic Balance

  • How Emotion Rules
  • 119
  • The Power of the Heart: It's Electromagnetic!
  • 124
  • The Harmony of the Head and Heart
  • 127
  • Blown a Fuse in the Brain? No Problem!
  • 131
  • Diamonds in the Brain: Tiny Crystal Antennas?
  • 135

    Chapter 6. Making Sense of Consciousness

  • Why our Special Agents use Good Sense
  • 138
  • The Sixth Sense
  • 140
  • The Enigma of Brain and Consciousness
  • 145
  • Higher Dimensions: Theory and Evidence
  • 147
  • Tapping the Enormous Invisible Energy All Around Us
  • 161
  • Seeing Miracles in a New Light
  • 164

    Chapter 7. Balancing in Chaos

  • We Are All Astronauts Now! The Space Weather Impact
  • 166
  • Re-tuning for Higher frequencies
  • 170
  • Stabilizing Your Core Energy
  • 174
  • What the Egyptians Knew About Balance
  • 175

    Chapter 8. Strengthening Your Energy Field Is Spiritual Evolution

  • Evolving Towards Bliss
  • 180
  • Unsticking the Pendulum: Clearing Old Emotions
  • 183
  • Our Evolving Layer of Light
  • 191
  • Creating Your Reality, It's Electromagnetic: Seth Revisited
  • 193
  • Resolving our Karma in the Way of the Masters
  • 207
  • The Mystery of "Healing" Energy Solved!
  • 232
  • Evolutionary Energy: The Discovery of "Stealth" Atoms
  • 236

    Chapter 9. Universal Energy

  • Energy Fields that We Can Tune
  • 218
  • Why Energy Balancing is More Powerful than "Zapping"
  • 226
  • Superconducting our DNA
  • 242

    Chapter 10. The Master Diamond Template

  • The Science of Sacred Geometry
  • 246
  • The Diamond Lattice and Universal Consciousness
  • 251
  • "Know Thyself"
  • 253
  • Our Diamond Reality Revealed
  • 255
  • Making the World a Better Place with Pyramid Energy
  • 261
  • Did the Great Pyramid Tune the Earth Diamond?
  • 267
  • Tuning the Earth Diamond: The Diamond Vision
  • 272


  • I. Planetophysical State of The Earth and Life by Dr. Alexey N. Dmitriev
  • 276
  • II. The New Balance Hormones by Rollin McCraty, Ph.D.
  • 290
  • III. The Cosmic String Tutorial
  • 293
  • IV. Russian and Ukranian Pyramid Research
  • 296
    Chapter Notes 301

    Contents Page [2013]

    Download Contents, 2013 Preface & Introduction (13 pages) here.

    Download Chapter 1, The Electromagnetic Universe (39 pages) here.


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    2006, 2008, 2010 Bibliography

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      The scientific perspective

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    Tuning the Diamonds [2006, 2008], 24 sample pages

    Susan Joy Rennison (B.Sc. Hons) has spent about 30 years as an alternative free-thinking individual. She has an honours degree in Physics and Geophysics from a British University and has years of experience as a software analyst with project management skills. She is now an independent researcher, author and speaker.


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