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Summer 2008

Rennison, Susan Joy: TUNING THE DIAMONDS

We are living in extraordinary times! Humanity is in the midst of a massive transformation, taking place on Earth, one that has been predicted by spiritual elders and holders of esoteric wisdom from many traditions. Mankind is being invited to evolve and move into a New Golden Age. This requires that we live in balance and harmony with ourselves, in our relationships and most importantly with the Earth. Evolutionary change is energy driven and Tuning the Diamonds identifies New Energy to be coming from the centre of our Milky Way Galaxy. A powerful alignment is taking place, which is increasing the frequency of planet Earth and providing a new source of energy for individuals who choose to raise their level of consciousness.

New Energy
Scientists are now observing planet-wide physical changes in all the planets that make up our solar system. This is occurring in a matter of decades and sometimes in only a few years. These changes are being driven by what scientists now define as Space Weather. Yet, these new conditions have been long predicted and welcomed by some as New Energy. This has provoked a flurry of scientific investigation, with thousands of scientists involved in international efforts to understand the consequences. The Sun is going berserk and delivering vast amounts of charged particles, thus transforming the Earth, but the Sun is not the primary source, it is only a conduit of universal energies. The recent dramatic increase in solar activity quickly commanded the attention of government organizations, satellite communication manufacturers and the power supply industry. Eruptions on the Sun are equivalent to a billion one-megaton nuclear bombs. When New Energy arrives and slams into our magnetosphere, our technological systems are not well able to withstand the onslaught. To cope with these hostile conditions, we now have an ‘armada’ of satellites, 1.5 million miles from Earth watching the Sun. Their function is to provide an approximate 45 minute warning to satellite controllers, who then have sufficient time to put Earth bound satellites into ‘safe mode’, hence protecting them against ‘killer electrons’.

Irreversible changes
With the continuing onslaught of space weather, the inevitable can no longer be ignored. The highly delicate Earth environment is not able to withstand the pressure and so governments are conceding that global climatic change is underway. Scientists tell us that geological and geophysical changes are becoming irreversible. The bizarre weather and persistent breaking of weather records is now giving cause for concern, so we find that quietly, government organizations are planning for the possibility of a global disaster.

In January 2006, the Norwegian government announced that they would build a vault to store seeds in a mountainside on the Island of Svalbard 1,000kn (600 miles) from the North Pole. Described as a ‘Noah’s Ark’ by the Norwegian Agriculture and Food Minister, it is anticipated that completion would be in September 2007. The idea being that if a global disaster occurred, the survivors would be able to re-seed Earth. This announcement was reported in various publications and one reason given for this planning was the possibility of a complete breakdown of global electricity supplies, but no mention is given of how this would occur.

Well, Tuning the Diamonds reveals that the electrical conditions in our solar system have changed and hence there is a possibility that planet Earth could get zapped by ‘loose wires’ in space! The universe has a live electrical network that links everything to everything – every planet to every planet – every solar body to every solar body. The electrical conditions in our galaxy and solar system are changing and we could get a shock! Our governments understand that change is occurring and since they do not know what will happen, they are planning for the worst case scenario.

There are electric fields in outer-space and we find that this has been known for decades, yet the electric properties of space are not taken fully into account. This explains why astronomical discoveries are constantly described as ‘surprising’ and ‘amazing’ and the Big Bang theory, consistently fails to explain observations brought back to Earth via satellite images and space probes. A major pillar of Big Bang theory is that gravity rules the universe. This outdated thinking is finally losing dominance as scientists slowly realize that the universe is not electrically neutral. Simply put, it is hard to comprehend why cosmologists believe that gravity rules the universe, when the electromagnetic force is 1039 times ( a thousand billion, billion, billion, billion times) more powerful! Plasma physicists and electrical engineers accept that electromagnetism is the primary driver in the universe and they can explain how energy is delivered around by the cosmic web of electric power lines in space.

The true nature of our universe revealed
To understand how the universe really works, Tuning the Diamonds highlights shifting scientific opinion. Scientists have come to believe that Einstein’s relativity is flawed and that String Theory, for years hailed as the most sophisticated predictive model ever developed by modern science, is now a failure. As humanity faces evolutionary challenge, we can choose to no longer listen to those scientists who can only offer abstract mathematics and no real answers. The changes that are happening on Earth are real, hence we need explanations that can be backed up with hard facts.

The science of plasma physics explains the true nature of our universe and can provide many answers to astronomical enigmas. The Sun is just a huge mass of plasma, which is matter that exists in the most fundamental state of electrically charged particles. The ability to demonstrate plasma events, with laboratory experiments and supercomputer simulation, means that we can return to the true scientific tradition where predictions, observations and validations serve to enlighten. Mayan Elders predicted a new era dominated by space and the arrival of a ‘Serpent Rope’. Now, with our modern day understanding of the behaviour of plasma, we can now understand these old prophecies. These Mayan prophecies are now fulfilled with the arrival of space weather and a new space weather feature called The Equatorial Electrojet, a ‘huge’ snake-like electrical current of millions of amperes, currently dancing around the Earth’s equator.

A pattern emerges
The Earth is undergoing transformation, and Russian scientists tell us that the Earth’s frequency which creates electromagnetic grid lines, commonly referred to as ‘ley lines’, has changed in recent years. When we examine the overall shape of these grid lines, we find crystal-like geometry and a diamond! Geophysicists tell us the Earth’s magnetic field appears to be in the process of reversing, but they cannot predict when a full flip will occur. On examination, it appears that the Earth’s magnetism is still a mystery. Scientists are not certain how the Earth obtained its magnetic field in the first place and what exactly maintains the field we have now. Yet, if we take a closer look at the Earth’s core, where the Earth’s magnetic field originates, we get another surprise. The data suggests that the inner core is crystalline, just like one large diamond crystal, about the size of our moon!

There have been many amazing discoveries in space. One enigma is that galaxies are distributed in a diamond lattice formation! These discoveries reveal that geometry is fundamental to how the universe is organized and understanding the true state of the universe will help us understand the true nature of the human being. Diamond geometry is the signature of universal consciousness and it can be found at all levels, from the truly macroscopic to the microscopic. Diamond geometry can even be found in the human energy field and its importance is highlighted in Tuning the Diamonds.

An infinite supply of energy?
The true nature of our reality is now apparent. Physicists verify the presence of an underlying sea of electromagnetic energy, of almost inconceivable magnitude. The invisible aether was once widely believed to exist by mystics and scientists, but was largely discredited by one flawed experiment. Today the aether has now attained mainstream scientific acceptance by being passed off under the guise of zero-point energy! The new name was derived because there is always some energy in the background, even at absolute zero temperature, a constant fluctuation of energetic particles that appear and disappear. NASA is now seriously investigating this infinite supply of energy, as a possible power source for spacecraft.

Today, technology has reached places that only mystics have gone before. The magic eye of electrodes can detect frequencies only previously seen by the gifted and so now the human energy field has been detected and verified by science. Healing energies can be explained in scientific terms, but this requires that we understand the interplay of electromagnetic forces that make-up our reality. Again, scientists admit that humans must have the ability to interact with other realms of reality and now only the uneducated claim Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) is the domain of gypsies and fortune-tellers. Now, armchair techniques have been developed by military organizations and are employed for the practical purpose of ESPionage! Bolstered by their success, the United States military are now publicly investigating teleportation and have enthusiastically endorsed the power of yogis as real!

The evolutionary push encourages us to become more multi-dimensional. This concept is examined in the light of our current understanding of multi-dimensional realities, encapsulated within our modern scientific theories such as String Theory. The controversial book The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown has recently introduced many to the concept that there is esoteric knowledge, preserved for many thousands of years, carefully blended into the background of culture and science. In the metaphysical world, it is understood that in the New Energy there can be no secrets. For the sake of humanity, those secrets are now being revealed in order to help us evolve in a gracious way.

Balancing our energy fields
In this regard, Tuning the Diamonds introduces the science associated with ‘Sacred Geometry’. Here, the main focus is the octahedron, which is two square-based pyramids back to back, represented in two dimensions by the diamond shape. The unique properties of the octahedron are examined and the connection with universal consciousness is explored. As the presence of New Energy gets stronger on Earth, humans will have to maintain balance by learning how to strengthen their core energy, whilst utilizing the properties of diamond shaped energetic structures held in our personal energy fields. When we talk about balance, we are referring to mental and emotional health as well as motor, sensory and intellectual capabilities.

As the electromagnetic grid of planet Earth has changed, metaphysical tradition suggests that we will have to follow suit. In this regard, I have introduced the EMF Balancing Technique ® and the Electromagnetic Laws of Love that have been revealed by Peggy Phoenix Dubro and others in the scientific and metaphysical community. Throughout literature, the Phoenix myths relate to a period of transition and rebirth, but in some mystical traditions, a person who is a Phoenix, is a ‘teller of the secrets of light’. Peggy Phoenix Dubro describes herself as a ‘Practical Mystic’ and she teaches that we can take on a greater electromagnetic charge that will provide us with self-empowerment. The relevance here is that space weather is delivering energy that we can use – if we are correctly ‘wired’.

Russian scientists have been exploring the mystery of The Great Pyramid, placed in the geographical centre of the world. Extensive research has satisfied them that the ancient Egyptians understood the need for balanced electromagnetic forces. Consequently, the Russians have been building massive pyramids for over fifteen years and Egyptian techniques are being revived to prevent cancer in humans. They believe the balancing influence of these pyramids will benefit the whole world. My research suggests that The Great Pyramid was originally designed as a machine to provide balanced energies on Earth. At this time of accelerated change, the people of higher consciousness must provide the same balancing role intended by the builders of The Great Pyramid. We can use our consciousness to program the core of Earth and in doing so, lessen the climatic and geophysical upheaval that is a necessary part of change. We can take more responsibility and start Tuning the Diamonds.

From Tuning the Diamonds, © 2006 by Susan Joy Rennison, published by Joyfire Publishing.